Many non-profit organizations need money, but most need more than just money.  They can be more effective in delivering on their missions from having greater access to the professional services and assistance that are readily available to “for-profit” companies.  This, in part, is why we will gravitate to helping organizations who ask for more than money.  The organizations who recognize their need for our services and/or the services of our “network” rather than only our funds will tend to be our focus.

AND, to extend what we might be able to do in providing services beyond our immediate reach and lifetimes, we will seek out ways to support the development of skills and life long service commitment in Youth.

Currently (and for the past several years) we have been working with organizations in communities where there is a significant desire for Christian Community Development. Many times these efforts begin simply by seeking to understand the needs in a community, who is attempting to address them, where there are gaps, and what significant improvements can be made if the community as a whole is willing to “collaborate” more intentionally and productively.

The Christian Community Development Process can move from the basics of working together” into more progressive models including:


  • Collborations operating under a Letter of Agreement
  • Equitable Asset Exchange
  • Intentional Intercommunity Dependcy Development
  • Grace Based Stewardship Development
Based on:

  • Biblical Principles in 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 2:10
  • Leveraging sound business and economic concepts

Active Collaborations we are committed to include:

Long term Christian Community Development efforts we are committed to are: